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Promaderm Ltd. was established in Munich, Germany as Wholesale Company  for esthetic products for the German and Austrian market.
In 2013 Mr. Christian Wehrenpfennig joined the company as shareholder and CEO.
With his entry into the company Promaderm became the exclusive distributor for Mesoram® products for North America.
Christian´s own Company has been distributing Mesoram® products Germany and Austria for since 2010.

The manufacturer RI.MOS s.r.l., located in Mriandola Italy can be described as a market leader for sterile disposable products for mesotherapy. RI.MOS develops and improves its products in close collaboration with physicians and scientists. At RI.MOS  R&D and the development will take place in-house . Thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies, the products are manufactured in a 10,000 clean room by trained personnel. All products are CE marked , and the RI.MOS quality system is certified to ISO 13485.

RIMOS is the first company in the world to design, manufacture and sell disposable multi-injectors for mesotherapy. Rimos has developed a range of mesotherapy products which are distributed both nationwide and internationally. This injecting technique has been used increasingly for the last 40 years all over the world. In Italy, mesotherapy is now a part of common medical practices and is used both in the private consulting rooms and public health facilities. Mesotherapy represents a new method for introducing drugs into the organism. Mesotherapy is a therapeutic methodology belonging to allopathic or homeopathic medicine; it consists of injecting small quantities of drugs into the areas of skin corresponding to the injured or painful organ by intradermal or superficial subcutaneous multiple injections. It is a technique of intradermal injections that allows to reduce the quantity of drugs. Doses are reduced by the half or one third causing a decrease of secondary effects and iatrogenic problems. At the same time there is a prolonged curative effect accompanied by a higher therapeutical effectiveness and rapidity of action. The injected drugs belong to the official Pharmacopeia and are chosen according to the general medical practice and following a traditional precise diagnosis.

So we make sure that you only get the highest quality products , so you and your patients are satisfied .

 Attention: advertising messages referred to MESORAM line are intended for medical-scientific personnel.


MESORAM®  single use medical devices for mesotherapy for human and veterinary use (USA, CDN)

PROMADERM LTD. also offers a broad range of esthetic products. (www.promaderm.com)


Meet our Team:

  • Christian Wehrenpfennig

Christian was born and raised in Munich, Germany. He studied law at Munich Ludwig-Maximilians-University. The years 1999 and 2000 he spent in the United States for various internships and fell in love with Florida. In 2003 he joined a medical wholesale company in Munich, Germany and was responsible for the set-up of its Miami based subsidiary. In 2005 he became CEO of the Munich Headquaters. In 2009 he became shareholder of a Munich based company for medical supplies.

In 2010 Christian quit these companies to start his own business as exclusive distributor for Mesoram® in Germany and Austria.

In 2013 Christian joined Promaderm Ltd. as shareholder and CEO. Promaderm Ltd. specializes in Esthetic Products, Dermal Products and Mesotherapy for Human and Veterinary use.

Since 2015 Christian is President of Promaderm´s new US subsidiary Promaderm Inc., located in Miami.

Christian is a TÜV Süd certified sales professional for Medical Devices.

Besides work he is involved in many local clubs and keeping up the Bavarian Tradition, he is very proud of. Christian is a Volunteer Fire Fighter in his Home Town. One of his big hobbies is spending his free time on his sail boat on Lake Chiemsee close to the Alpes. He enjoys traveling to Florida, which he calls his second home, as often as possible.



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  • Lindenburschen Neubiberg e.V. (Bavarian Tradition)
  • Neubiberg Soccer Club
  • Neubiberg Volunteer Fire Department

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  • Andreas Lugauer

licensed sales rep. for medical devices

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  • Michael Borchers
  • licensed sales rep. for medical devices

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  • Maximilian Danner
    Sales representative / IT

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